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Finding the best quality insurance can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be. It’s crucial to understand your coverage as well as what you need covered. At Squier Insurance Agency, our main mission is to help our customers find the best insurance without breaking the bank. Our agents can help you understand how your choice of insurance will protect your lifestyle, assets, and personal property. So, what are you waiting for?

Policies We Offer

Find and educate yourself on what type of insurance policy best fits your needs.

ATV Insurance Icon

ATV Insurance

Your ATV is your off-road ticket to freedom and fun! But before you hit the trails, you’ll want to make sure you have the protection you need. That’s where we come in. Squier’s ATV insurance safeguards you from customizable coverages that help protect your ride. Get the confidence you need to keep your ride going.

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Auto Insurance

Let us help protect what matters to you. If you own a car, truck or any other motor vehicle, auto insurance covers it against accident or theft.

Boat Insurance Icon

Boat Insurance

Warm sun. Cool breeze. If you have a boat, you get it: There’s nothing like being out on the water. Boat insurance provides coverage towards damage to your boat or its equipment, as well as injuries to people and for damage to property or other boats.

Flood Insurance Icon

Flood Insurance

Flood Insurance isn’t just for homes in high-risk areas. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) says that all 50 states have experienced floods, and that more than 20 percent of the claims it handles come from the moderate to low-risk regions. Flood Insurance covers loss and damage to dwellings and property.

Homeowners Insurance Icon

Homeowners Insurance

Your home is where your dreams thrive, which is why it’s so important that you have the right protection and that’s where we come in! Home Insurance covers the buildings on your property, including your main residence, and additional structures on the premises.

Mobile Home Insurance Icon

Mobile Home Insurance

From you countertops to the decor on your walls, your home is uniquely yours. Shouldn’t you insurance policy be built just for you too? We think so. Take a look at all the benefits that come along with your personally tailored mobile home insurance policy.

Motorcycle Insurance Icon

Motorcycle Insurance

Whether it’s a scooter for getting around town, or a touring cycle for that cross-country trek you’ll never forget our protection can be designed just for you and your travel needs.

Personal Umbrella Insurance Icon

Personal Umbrella

Personal Umbrella Insurance is an extra layer of coverage to protect your hard earned dreams now and in the future. Consider all the things you work so hard for like your home, car, and financial stability for your family. All of these can be at risk if you are in an accident and held liable for injuries and damages. If the resulting expenses go above your primary policy limits, you may have to sell your assets or give up future earnings in order to pay the remaining costs.

Renters Insurance Icon

Renters Insurance

Whether at home, at work or traveling across the country, Renters Insurance has your back. Renters Insurance covers your personal property regularly kept in your rental unit as well as additional living expenses, and personal liability on premises and worldwide.

RV Insurance Icon

RV Insurance

RV Insurance covers many of the similar risks that auto insurance does and offers collision, comprehensive, and liability coverage. You can also get additional protection for your personal belongings, equipment, and attached accessories such as awnings and satellite dishes.