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For most business owners, business is their lifeline. Protect this with General Liability Insurance and rest easy knowing your business is protected.

What is General Liability Insurance?

General Liability is a policy that provides coverage to a business for bodily injury, personal injury, or property damage caused by business operations, products, or injury that occurs on the premises. This policy will help prevent a legal suit from turning into a financial disaster by providing financial protection in case the business is held legally responsible. Coverage needs may change depending on your business type. Please contact Squier Insurance Agency, Inc. to review your business’ General Liability needs and explore coverage options tailored to your type of business. General Liability plans can be available to a wide variety of operations, including but not limited to special events, farm leases, hunt clubs, and outfitting services. Contact Squier Insurance Agency, Inc. for acceptability and premium pricing.

When Should a General Liability Policy Be Considered?

A licensed representative at Squier Insurance Agency, Inc. can explain general liability options available to you and your business type.

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