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Home is where you keep the things that matter to you. Renters Insurance can help you protect that stuff if something bad happens to it. The coverage is dependable and costs less than you might think—in some cases, it only costs as much as your morning latte.

What is Renters Insurance?

Renters Insurance is property insurance that provides coverage for a policyholder’s belongings, liabilities, and possibly living expenses in case of a loss event. Increasingly, proof of Renters Insurance is required by many landlords. Personal belongings within a rented property are typically not covered under the owner’s or landlord’s property insurance.

When Should a Renters Insurance Policy Be Considered?

Renters Insurance is available to persons renting or subletting a single family home, apartment, duplex, condo, studio, loft or townhome. The policy protects against losses to the tenant’s personal property within the rented property. In addition, a Renters Insurance policy protects against losses resulting from liability claims, such as injuries occurring on the premises that are not due to a structural problem with the property.


What Standard Renters Policies Cover



Theft, fires, or other loss events

A renter should buy enough Renters Insurance to replace all their personal possessions in the event of a loss event. The easiest way to determine this amount is to create a detailed list of all of your belongings with estimated values.


Liability Protection

Provides protection against lawsuits for bodily injury or property damage done by the renter, their family members, and pets.

Covers legal defense costs up to the amount of the policy.

Allows someone who gets injured on your rented property to submit their medical bills directly to the insurance company, in lieu of a lawsuit.


Additional Living Expenses Protection

provides financial protection against an insured disaster that makes it necessary to temporarily live somewhere else.

Pays for hotel bills, temporary rentals, restaurant meals, and other living expenses while a rented home is being repaired or rebuilt.

What Standard Renters Insurance Policies Do Not Cover


Flooding & Earthquakes


Pests & Vermin


High Value Items

Items of high value, such as art, antiques, and jewelry, may not be covered

Roommates Possessions

Will not cover a roommates possessions, they will need their own insurance

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