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When building a financial safety net, many people look to protect against the unknown with Life Insurance and Health Insurance. Ability to earn an income is your greatest asset and is crucial to any financial plan. If you’re unable to work, how do you plan for the future or meet your immediate needs, like paying bills?

What is Disability Insurance?

Disability Insurance offers income protection. This insurance keeps money coming in when you can’t work due to illness or injury. It comes in long and short term policies.

When Should a Disability Insurance Policy Be Considered?

Because illness is a more common cause of disability than injury, it’s not limited to people with labor-intensive jobs. That means anyone can benefit from some sort of Disability Insurance policy if they’re not wealthy enough to self-insure and cover their financial plans without an income.


What Standard Disability Policies Cover


Illness or Accidental Injury

While virtually every type of illness or accidental injury is covered by disability insurance, some non-illness or injury conditions could be covered as well, such as pregnancy and childbirth. When something is excluded from coverage, such as certain pre-existing conditions or dangerous situations, your policy will make it as clear as possible so there’s no mystery or confusion.

What Standard Disability Policies Do Not Cover


Medical Care


Long-Term Care


Benefits Over Age 65

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